For the last 5 years, Wine after Coffee has hand-picked the most exceptional animations for your healthy audiovisual diet.

A regular feast of inspiration pushes us to do better, and we go even further when we work together. So, we are gathering this unique talent under one roof.


This party is carefully curated and created with much love by a small group of people: Jorge, Teresa, Claudio & Sander. They wanted to create a place for their motion, design & animation family to call home; to make a​ festival for the community, by the community. Always trying to keep it small, without any sponsors behind it, trying to break even, and hoping to create a festival that each one of them would love to attend.

It all began when Jorge & Claudio started a vimeo channel called WINE after COFFEE, curating their favorite videos in one place. That channel grew and grew, and today has over 30K followers. This was all online, and the idea to bring this amazing community to the real world was incredibly exciting. So Blend was born. You can read more about its conception here.

The heart of Blend and WINE after COFFEE is to be a place, online and offline, where people from all around the world come to share awesome work, get inspired, learn, and collaborate. Because when we get together, amazing things happen.

This is Blend, made with love
by WINE after COFFEE.